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About the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages

The purpose of The Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages Prep Tool is to assist candidates who will be writing the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages (CNPE: F/AA). The CNPE: F/AA is a paper and pencil exam that consists of multiple-choice questions only. The prep tool is designed to familiarize you with the format of CNPE: F/AA questions and to provide you with information on the content of the exam.

The questions in the prep guide are based on the same set of competencies as the questions on the CNPE: F/AA.

A list of all the competencies is attached to the practice test. In the practice test, you will find a total of 80 multiple choice practice questions. The questions are in a multiple-choice format.

Case-based questions are dependent on an introductory case or scenario, whereas independent questions are stand-alone questions. The questions represent common health situations of the population in those contexts or environments where entry-level family/all ages nurse practitioners would work. As with the CNPE: F/AA, the practice questions have been developed and reviewed by nurse practitioners who represent a variety of nursing programs, clinical backgrounds and regions of the country, and by test consultants who help ensure that the prep guide questions are similar to those that appear on the CNPE: F/AA.

One of the most important features of the prep tool is that, for each practice question, rationales are provided for correct and incorrect answers. These rationales help explain nursing concepts and principles that are essential for entry-level nurse practitioners. Although the questions in the prep guide are different from those on the CNPE: F/AA, the general principles and concepts being tested are the same because the questions are developed from the same set of competencies. Each question in the prep guide is also supported by one or two references.

The majority of these references have been published within the past five years. The purpose of the references is to indicate that the correct answer within each question has authoritative support from experts in the field and to provide you with a source for further reading and review. It is important to note that, although your score on the practice questions can give you some indication of how prepared you are for the CNPE: F/AA, the prep tool is only one tool for promoting your success. The prep tool should be used to supplement and reinforce the knowledge and skills taught in your educational program. Success on the CNPE: F/AA depends on two main factors:

  1. Your knowledge of nurse practitioner principles and content, and
  2. Your ability to apply this knowledge in the context of specific health-care scenarios.

This prep tool can help you in both areas. Completing the prep tool practice questions will help you review and integrate the concepts you have learned in your nurse practitioner program; it will also help you assess your skill in applying the concepts.